I'm going to try and present this blog in a more polished manner for a little while. If I like it, I'll keep it up. To start things off, here are some interviews I've saved from the past few days. Maybe this much reading seems boring to some people, but it's my favorite way to get to know artists and, more importantly, improve my own DJing and producing.

  • BlackBook Mag has a chat with A-Trak from his new Williamsburg apartment about producing, running, and Kanye-ing.

  • A-Trak's label Fool's Gold questions French house producer Lifelike, in the first of a series of in-house artist interviews. Here Nick Catchdubs focuses more on Lifelike's production style and technique, which makes for a good read.

  • David Dewaele talks to Dazed Digital about Part of the Weekend Never Dies, the new documentary by Soulwax and Saam Farahmand (see above). I really, really want to see this movie, and I really, really need to get some friends with a huge TV hookup.

  • Earplug talks to Lindstrøm about his new release of epic disco, Where You Go I Go Too (which Pitchfork just designated Best New Music).

  • Resident Advisor kicks off a new series by sitting down with disco-auteur Danny Wang and playing him some records.

  • Winnie Cooper records a chat with Ida No from Glass Candy. He gets her to rap a verse from Lil' Troy's "Wanna Be A Baller."
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