I listened to most of "Songs for the Deaf." I realize now that it is very much a pop album.

I am in the mood to listen to albums. Whole albums. I played "Like Spinning Plates" on piano, so I could go for an "Amnesiac" listen. and a white blood cells listen. and source tags and codes. and i might be wrong. and brmc. and thirteen tales from urban bohemia. and urban hymns. and turn on the bright lights. and a lot more. but i do not have 8 hours to only listen to cds.
oh summer, how i miss thee

i miss other things too.

Jack White scares me sometime. his intensity, all he holds inside, his anger towards techonology and 'this world we live in,' and having Elephant be the last White Stripes album. While I know that is probably the thing of highest integrity to do - make his statement with the Stripes on this last album and move on to grow as an artist - it does not mean I want him to do it.

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