in the changer:

The Dandy Warhols - "Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia"
I have yet to listen to it today. Or for a while, for that matter. One of my favorites. Don't care if their evergoing quest to sell out has taken them to Ireland. and Duran Duran

Queens of the Stone Age - "Songs for the Deaf"
rawk. show those sXe kids who's boss

listened to whole thing today. once again, they are so so so good. i've said it before i'll say it again yo. why my guitar is black.

Interpol - "Turn On the Bright Lights"
I think half of my posts so far are about Interpol. bless them

The White Stripes - "The White Stripes"
I've listened to this more than any other WS album, I think. Or at least certain songs on it. It reminds me most of seeing them live; that's why. "White Blood Cells" is better.

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