The (International) Noise Conspiracy makes me sad. Cause they suck so hard.

I mean, they look really cool. and the song "smash it up" gets this really cool groove going and has this awesome guitar sound at the chorus [that needs to be louder]. and the lead singer can execute the mid air scissors kick almost as well as howlin' Pelle.
but they have all this pseudo-political bullshit about socialism and like 'fight for your rights!' and of course some ignorant suburban kids are gonna be like 'oh they're so bad ass, and for a reason too!' They're all smoothly marketed to MTV2 and that's what they're against. And their politics are all really broad... like "capitalism is evil. stand up." and that's all they say.
and they have that wussy keyboard player

I guess what I'm saying here is that the Hives and the (I)NC should have a brawl. Cause the (I)NC would be like "you guys are tools" and the Hives wouldnt know what they were talking about, so they'd just beat them up.

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