must... buy...new... turntable..

resentfullemon (9:16:48 PM): omg I have had
Little Room by white stripes in my head
ALLLL day. I don't even know why. its
driving me CRAZY
resentfullemon (9:16:49 PM): I can't get it out
mooch 1 1 (9:17:45 PM): that's awful. like awful. how does that even get in your head?
mooch 1 1 (9:17:59 PM): i have like 3 different beach boys songs in my head. my friend warned me
resentfullemon (9:18:06 PM): i have no idea. I keep singing it.
mooch 1 1 (9:18:14 PM): he said they'd take over
resentfullemon (9:18:27 PM): ha ha ha ha one time i had the most retarded 3 songs on loop in my head at swim practice
resentfullemon (9:18:29 PM): it was so funny
mooch 1 1 (9:18:35 PM): what songs?
resentfullemon (9:19:34 PM): it was "Break Stuff" by Limp Bizkit "Help me Rhonda" by the Beach Boys and that one song from Hello Dolly where all the people are on the phone, and its like, "Hey suzy?! Did you hear about Bobby and Annie?"
resentfullemon (9:19:40 PM): oh my god it was the most horrible thing ever
mooch 1 1 (9:19:48 PM): rofl

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