weird things have been going on. I like a Coldplay song, I like a "punk pop" band [Ash], I heard this Eminem song on the radio that was amazing, I saw this new U2 video and I really like the song ["Electrical Storm"], and over all this my song obsession for the day is Ryan Adam's "New York, New York." I learned it on guitar and printed out the words.
But really, I haven't changed my opinion on Bono. He sucks. I don't remember anyone who is known for wearing Gucci sunglasses to represent my country in foreign affairs.
And this goddamn show the Wrap has been on MTV 4 times today; the same one.

Why is the TCM horror movie marathon on Thursdays? I want to see one now.

So usually I mess my hair up on purpose so it looks all cool and stuff, but after today my hair is actually too short to mess up, even tho I'm not bald. So I think I'm gonna start wearing hats. I NEVER wear hats, except for one winter hat, which I couldn't find today, so I put on a regular hat. O course, I wear it all up and slanted to the left, so it makes up for my non messed up hair.
The hat is a Fordham University hat. Good old FU.

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