instead of going to the MOONEY SUZUKI show that woulda RAWKED THE FRIGGIN HAUS, I went to support Zack as he emceed (sp?) the open mic thing at school tonite. Zack played some nice stuff, including a cool new song. We ended up playing "Fear of Disco" because no one was volunteering, and we had less than perfect results due to it being acoustic, me not used to that guitar, and Zack not being able to hear me. But I got everyone to stand up and dance. Really.

I was this close to freestylin' rhymin' with Ronni doin the beats, but I'll wait for next time.

We finished Chinatown in Film today. what a good frickin movie, lemme tell ya

oh, and I really want to see The Rules of Attraction. I don't care if it looks dumb. I watched the trailer at 7 this morning. Looks dope, yo. More so than anything else comin out, 'sides Bowling for Columbine.

No more Strokes updates for today, friend. 'cept good ol' Matty has been checkin the site, which really doesn't have anything to do with the Strokes. But you know, he brought em up in chem today. so there ya go

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