Wow. The saddest thing ever. Rolling Stone top 100 albums. from the readers, nonetheless.

the fact that weezer's maladroit is higher than Beck's odelay, let alone on the list at all... a madonna greatest hits. a system of a down cd. Kind of Blue with "the heavenly 'So What'. madonna's "music." U2 "zooropa." Californication higher than led zeppelin II. 29 madonna "ray of light! [i'd like to let RS know that NOTHING ever brought electronica to the masses! especially not that album]" U2 ALL THAT YOU CANT LEAVE BEHIND 15!!?!? and kids, "Nevermind" was not entirely new and original, nor "pure and innocent". especially if in the freaking info on "Doolittle" you say the Pixies deserve credit becaues they influenced nirvana to no end. no sense this list makes.

glad to see my main man JB at 40 with 'grace'
Kid A at 26, the Bends 17, OK computer 8,
Blue album at 21 [ugh with the green album], Pinkerton 16? surprise

umm.. no comment about the Strokes being on it.

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