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Conor Oberst has perfect hair.

I used to feel bad listening to Black Dice, because I really don't know much about them or their influences or other bands that make similar music. But it turns out it's ok! Neither do they.

Eric: I felt like when things started getting a bit more open [between us], we were trying different things out, but felt like we were really behind what our audience seemed to be aware of at the time. I feel like there's very much of the underground that's really aware of this stuff, and it's a little bit backwards, like we're catching up, but it's kinda nice being ignorant of it. When we approach these ideas, they always feel new to us, even if they may not sound new in comparison.

Also, if you've noticed recently, most of my posts are pretty stupid. This one, for example, had a main point that was one sentence long, and that sentence was "Conor Oberst has perfect hair." I'm trying to figure out what to do with the site, both content and layout wise. Content-wise, I don't like where it's going so much, it was supposed to be more piece-oriented writing, not music news. Layout-wise, my site doesn't work on macs, plain and simple. Also, soviet panda is a pretty stupid name. So I'm trying to figure something out. Bear with me

Listening: "The 15th", Fischerspooner

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