Death Cab

Karen O taken to hospital in Australia
Tours are already stressful for her; now she got sick on stage and had to be taken to the hospital. Ms O our hearts go out to you.

In better news, The Libertines have reformed. I'm really glad Pete is back with them; I really didn't want them to be another Brit band that falls apart after their debut.

I've been talking with my friends about how much of a tool I've felt like this past week. To end tooly-week with a bang, I went to Death Cab for Cutie.

Openers The Long Winters or something sucked. The constant harmonies and repetitive chord progressions got old... especially when their songs were over 5 minutes. Even their take on Madonna's "Stop" (is that what it's called? the cowboy one) was way lame.

Death Cab was hard for me to get into. When I go to a show, I want to rock. Don't care how emo it is. Eventually, they got to this song where Ben Gibbard pulled out a drum stick and started alternately hitting his guitar and a sampler, and then the band slowed, and he tapped his guitar in time to bring the band up to a peak. That was pretty hot. Then the next song, they finally decided to flat out drop it and RAWK. Those two songs were really fantastic.

Gibbard's voice is also really unique, and he sounds just as good live as on record. And sometimes just as whiny. So I'm glad I went, and I'm also glad I didn't pay.

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