Slow day. Slow, long day.

Been seeing a lot of white ear buds on your daily commutes lately? You're not alone. The NYTimes dissects iPod wearing in public. (via Catherine)

You can watch the video for The Walkmen's "The Rat" at Bows and Arrows.net (via catbirdseat). It's definitely worth checking out just for seeing the drummer actually play those fills.

It also let's you see the weird dynamic the Walkmen have when performing: the guitarist is normal enough, the drummer is this tiny guy who plays ridiculously hard and fast, Hamilton gets red in the face belting out notes, Pete the bassist simultaneously has the simplest bass parts and the most intense bass-playing-look ever, and the keyboardist doesn't move (ever). It's weird, and it's great.

I've seriously been listening to Franz Ferdinand 2-5 times a day for the past... long while. It's sick.

If you're up late tonight, you can listen to me DJ from a stream during approximately 12-2 AM central time here. I may or may not get to speak, but I get to choose all of the non-rotation music. You can even email me requests; the address is on that website.

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