Matt Bellamy of Muse injured himself on stage in Atlanta, and the band has had to cancel at least some of their US dates. This is really, really too bad for the band. I hope he recovers soon.

This song, "Left Handed" by Lali Puna, is good. I wonder where I got it.

The Rapture/BRMC show last night was great.

The Starlite Desperation - Katherine said it best when she said, "I saw them and didn't want them to suck, and then they did."

BRMC fucking owns. I still consider them to be very underrated. The bass player is fantastic; I fuckin' love distorted bass! Love it! The 40+ year old who was BRMC's "biggest fan", however, who cut right in front of us, was not awesome. But he did have some awesome air guitar and fist pumping.

I admit that the last time I saw The Rapture, I was really, really turned off. The sound was bad, the crowd was bizarre (seriously old, very drunk, out of place people who literally didn't know who the band was), there were techinical difficulties, and even after touring for so long the band did not seem put together. Last nite was a different story. The band was seriously on, blending songs into each other for one mega indie kid dance party. There were seriously people grinding. The songs came off beautifully, and now I can't stop listening to the album. Even "Open Up Your Heart" worked really well live (I still skip it on record).
One of the highlights was definitely hearing the bands new songs, including "Every Little Thing" (a blend of "I Need Your Love" and "Killing", roughly) and two other new ones, which were all great, hard-hitting tracks. I definitely look forward to the band's next release.

On that note, here is a very well done Rapture fan site.

I would also like to point out that the best Strokes fansite, thestrokes.org, has been closed. I am really, really disappointed, especially since they didn't even leave the archives open, and they had a ton of great tabs. What's the deal?

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