A grand don't come for free, and as such, I'm pulling a 9-5 job this summer (plus a one hour commute each way). I'm still getting used to the new schedule, and the site's obviously feeling the effects.

I hope you all enjoyed the Killers' track from the last post; these mp3s are only going to be up for a few days at a time.

Recently, I've been wowed by the Streets' new album, A Grand Don't Come For Free (appropriately enough). Mike Skinner's debut as the Streets, Original Pirate Material, was intriguing, but ended up being a hit or miss affair for me. Some of the track stuck, some didn't; ultimately I didn't listen to it much.

His new album, however, is much different. I was pulled in immediately upon my first full listen (luckily, I get to use my iPod at work. it's my savior.). The tracks vary greatly in mood and ideas, but come together to create a whole story. The album is a rare thing in popular music: a concept album that works. Skinner's story of regular-joe dealings (maybe a bit more regular if you're British) really resonate with me.

For the next few days I'll have my current favorite track available for download, "Blinded by the Lights". It's one of the moodier, darker, more brooding songs on the album, about Skinner experiencing an overdose at a club. It shows how diverse he can really be.

Insound also has the infectious "Fit But You Know It" available for download. Enjoy, and buy if you like. The album will definitely be in my next order from Insound or Amazon (where it's mighty cheap, I might add). You can also see the video for the great track "Dry Your Eyes".

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