Birthday Suits
Came across an odd posting on Craiglist today in the musicians section. Minneapolis duo Birthday Suits are filming a video this Sunday and apparently are in dire need of some extras. Well, dire enough that they made a website dedicated to reigning them in and promise those involved free beer.

The band put on a frenetic live show and play crazed, deranged J-pop, so it has the potential to be fun. Details:
Film production is seeking film extras for a music video shoot this Sunday, May 21st from noon-5:30. The band is "Birthday Suits". They are a high intensity, enormously talented, two-piece, Japanese punk band. They recently received
"Best Live Artist" from City Pages and "2005 Best New Bands" from Radio K.

This is a professional film production and the finished video will be submitted for national and international broadcast.

As a show of thanks, there will be FREE BEER and a FREE SET performed by the band. All the information you need is at www.birthdaysuitsvideo.com
Let me know if you actually go to this. Fun times.

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