Those of you coming into Chicago for Intonation, here's your pre-party.

Also some rad shit coming up from Opaque for Nightmove$ at Funky Buddha. June 26 has Boys Noize coming in; their Kaiser Chiefs remix is so annoying it goes past annoying and back to good. On July 3 Smash TV of the venerable Bpitch Control will be playing. And this is a ways off, but Opaque dudes will have Uffie throwing down in September. Ed Banger say what.


Also, German duo Munk (aka Gomma heads) have put up a MySpace profile, worth noting for some very hot downloads. If you haven't already heard them, grab "Kick Out The Chairs" (featuring James Murphy, Nancy Whang, DFA et al) and the crowd-pleasing Digitalism remix of "Disco Clown" .

I don't know what that picture is from, but it was on their page, and I am digging on that t-shirt.

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monkey said...

now mahjongg is a band I'd like to see get more attention than they currently are.

and sonotheque reminds me of a milk bar out of clockwork orange. but I dug it in there.