After a bunch of messing around, I've decided it's best if I simplify my page and move my del.icio.us links to blog posts. This way, if you subscribe to the feed you'll get more updates, or if you visit my site it will be more easily accessible. Plus a lot of my blogging attention has shifted to del.icio.us, and this presents it well. On with today's links of import:

» Live: The Streets Have No Business Onstage
Status Ain't Hood: The Streets + Lady Sovereign, Webster Hall, June 27, 2006
» Mike Skinner Gives His Vocal Cords an Endurance Test
Streets shows can be plain, static affairs, but Tuesday's performance at Webster Hall was enlivened by a hilariously anarchic, last-show-of-a-long-tour vibe.
» Muse: Black Holes and Revelations: Pitchfork Record Review
Latest from future-minded British hard rockers emphasizes glitz and glam while incorporating their usual Jeff Buckley and Radiohead influences.
» TV on the Radio: Return to Cookie Mountain: Pitchfork Record Review
Brooklynites' third full-length and major label debut is dense, kaleidoscopic, and challenging, both the band's finest record and a highlight of 2006.
» Sleater-Kinney Breaks Up
I got the e-mail two days ago by now, and chances are you've also heard about it by now: Sleater-Kinney, the best rock band in the world, is breaking up.
» Live: TV on the Radio Brings New York Back
TV on the Radio + Matt Pond PA + Voxtrot, Prospect Park Bandshell, June 30, 2006
» Nelly Furtado's Loose: Slapping on the Assless Chaps of Conformity?
Pop tart sauces up a bit too luridly, Timbaland jams aside
» Postpunk Purists Simplify With Doses of Distortion
Simplicity is almost never the answer for the Fiery Furnaces. But that's the route they chose for their most recent tour.
» Jay-Z Puts a Cap on Cristal
Since the rapper Jay-Z called for a boycott of the Champagne Cristal, some in the music, night life and beverage industries are predicting a long-term flattening of the $300-a-bottle bubbly.
» With Radiohead, and Alone, the Sweet Malaise of Thom Yorke
With and without Radiohead, Mr. Yorke is a purveyor of beautiful anxieties, as proven in his first solo effort, "The Eraser."
» TV on the Radio: The Shimmering Feedback and the Fury
TV on the Radio's aesthetic has shifted toward something fuller, grander and more rocklike than their past material.
» Las Vegas Extravaganza Basks in Genuine Beatles
The premiere over the weekend of "Love," the new Cirque du Soleil show set to the music of the Beatles, prompted a gathering of Beatle families, friends and associates that may never be repeated.
» AY AY AY! - Cops is Always Hassling Bonde do Role
Now all the rich trendy white kids have tired of grime, it's time to introduce another exotic new fad for them to obsess over. How about the sound of Brazil's favelas, a smut-obsessed concoction of electro dubs, booty bass and Brazilian 'bandit'
» #012: In(ter)ventions - Beatz By The Pound - Stylus Magazine
his time on Beatz, we've got Mallory O'Donnell's review of the 2006 Sonar music festival, new reviews from Bpitch, Perlon, Wagon Repair, Monika, M_nus, Echocord, My Best Friend, and the long forgotten member of the Junior Boys, as well as a new DJ mix...

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