Business as usual; a collection of links from the past few days. You'll notice a few links about Ratatat's new record Classics, including an interview with FADER, as well as press regarding the debut LP from SP-friendly Atlanta band Snowden.

» Ratatat - Classics - Review - Stylus Magazine
On paper, Ratatat is a terrible idea...
» American Gothic Types Shoot Pink Bullets, Paint It Black: Snowden's Anti-Anti
Aside from their hometown of Atlanta, there's nothing Southern about Snowden - no songs about driving cars, no twang, and absolutely no drawl.
» bigstereo :: Saam Faramand
There have been quite a few videos from Saam finding their way onto bigstereo - New Young Pony Club, Dead Disco, Klaxons. He definitely seems like the go-to music video director. A collection of Saam's videography...
» workFRIENDLY - Surf safely from work
» Meet Park Slope Kid Band Care Bears on Fire
Burning Down the House With their parents' full approval. Meet Care Bears on Fire.
» Pitchfork: Bloc Party, Maximo Producer Paul Epworth... RAPS!
Recreating himself as street tuff Epic Man, Epworth's already inter-leaked one self-produced track, "More Is Enough", featuring grime emcee Plan B...
» headfonehaus: SpaceDisco is the new rare groove
from the paws of Matthew Herbman
» White People Love Gnarls Barkley
I haven't had a lot to say about Gnarls Barkley in this space mostly because I haven't yet been able to decide how I feel about the whole endeavor: a once-great Southern-rap pioneer with freaky space-mystic pretensions pairing up with a goofy cartoon-funk...
» Ratatat: Classics: Pitchfork Record Review
Expert programmers Evan Mast and Mike Stroud follow their self-titled debut with a more refined collection of indie electronica.
» Night Ripper - Wikipedia
Night Ripper is Gregg Gillis's third album, released on Illegal Art under the name Girl Talk. Here is an incomplete list of samples (please add/correct) used on the album, in chronological order.
» Hot House Flowers
Brooklyn's Grizzly Bear migrate north and maul a few mint juleps
» Snowden: Anti-Anti: Pitchfork Record Review
Debut from brooding Atlanta four-piece is filled with crisp and efficient songs that mix the personal and political.
» Pitchfork: Black Dice: "Manoman" [Track Review]
Moving past Broken Ear Record's loud, colorful futurism, the band aims mostly for the percussive and primitive.
» Everlasting Bass
After a week of non-stop Ratatatery, we did the right thing and called up our main dude Nico Muhly and got him to interview Team Ratatat, Evan Mast and Mike Stroud.
» American Apparel, LLC - Knowmore
What followed Charney's call was six months in pursuit of the original goal: a profile of American Apparel, and a better understanding of the divisive company's history and ethics.
» Franz Ferdinand reveal hit secrets
Music fans were given a master class by one of Scotland's biggest bands at the Edinburgh Festival.
» Looking for a Way to Keep Rome Burning
A roving, debauched party may become a victim of its success. Nudity and fabulous costumes, it seems, are only edgy for so long.
» Fuckpony - Children of Love
Own thread for talkin' about this. As good as Movements?


putty said...

the american apparel link is really interesting. i had no clue about any of the debauchery.

Goose said...

see you at the CYHSY show in Minneapolis