I've been working on a bunch of different things lately, and I have some new stuff to post up here, but in the meantime, here's a rundown of some recent links of note. Not a whole lot going on. Black Mountain brethren Blood Meridian and Ladyhawk get their share of press, and I'm going to let the links below do the Sleater-Kinney eulogizing for me. All I can say is, great fucking band, and I'm glad I had the chance to see them live, if only once.

» Blood Meridian: Kick Up the Dust : Pitchfork Record Review
Black Mountain bassist Matthew Camirand serves as lead singer and chief songwriter in this noirish Vancouver band.

» Ladyhawk: Ladyhawk: Pitchfork Record Review
Latest from Black Mountain collective member Duffy Driediger features contributions from his pals Josh Wells and Amber Webber.
» Junior Boys: So This Is Goodbye: Pitchfork Record Review
The second album by this Canadian electronic indie pop band finds vocalist Jeremy Greenspan without the aid of founding member and presumed rhythmic engine Johnny Dark but in greater command of his elegant melodies, exquisite pacing, and marvellously tens
» Pitchfork: Uffie: "Pop the Glock" [Track Review]
Not sure if there's a better living embodiment of the hipster cliché than an 18-year-old Paris-by-way-of-Miami fashionista with a purported love of the Dirty South singing "pop the glock" over and over...
» MSTRKRFT: The Looks: Pitchfork Record Review
Death From Above 1979 bassist Jesse Keeler's spinoff project makes rock/dance hybrids that buck the fizzling trend of loose-limbed post-punk in favor of a more classically house-minded approach.

» Erase Errata: Nightlife: Pitchfork Record Review
Erase Errata Mk II create a focused and more powerful version of the group's scattershot, no-wave/new wave aesthetic.

New York Times:
» Lollapalooza: A Restless Spirit, but Hold the Rage
The revived Lollapalooza reflects a current rock attitude thatÂ’s far more earnest than defiant.
» Lily Allen, Britain's New Pop Star, Has Cheek, and Bite, to Spare
A newly minted British pop star, a MySpace hero with 57,000 virtual friends, and the symbol of a new, swaggeringly confident young woman, Lily Allen has a funky wardrobe and a hellfire attitude.
» Sleater-Kinney May, or May Not, Be Bidding New York Farewell
A paragon of indie-rock integrity, the group played what could be their last New York City concert at Webster Hall on Wednesday night
» Evanescence and the Killers Get Ready for Their Encores
After yet another year of declining CD sales, two bands are pushing through rock’s tough times, hoping, with crossed fingers, that things will get better from here.
» Apple and 3 Automakers Plan Alliances on iPod Use
The iPod will be compatible with more than 70 percent of the new 2007 model vehicles sold in the United States, Apple said.

Village Voice:
» Death From Above 1979 Broke Up
The news came out last week, and it wasn't exactly a huge shock. Death From Above 1979 never looked like the sort of band that would really stick around for a long time.
» Live: Pitchfork's Indie-Rock Festival
I went out to Chicago for the Pitchfork Festival for the same reasons I went to Pitchfork's Intonation fest last year: I wanted to drink free beers and hang out with my friends and generally take advantage of the VIP-treatment shit that allows me to walk
» Sensualistic, Polytheistic
Miraculously, after 32 years, the New York Dolls do it again
» Eulogy for Ladymen: Sleater-Kinney at Webster Hall
Indie princesses dissipate; their fans' adoration does not
» Status Ain't Hood: Sleater-Kinney's Last New York Show
Well, they're not breaking up because they started sucking.

» Black Leotard Front - "Casual Friday"
ILM thread on the Delia/Gavin and James Murphy/Tim Goldsworthy collaboration
» Scott Walker's The Drift - Elvis Dreams of 9/11
And other brilliantly strange concoctions from the elusive pop genius Scott Walker.
» The Essential Dance Tracks of the 00's
I'm planning to make a blog post of 25 favorite dance tracks. But I'm afraid that that list would be filled with indie artists like LCD Soundsystem, The Rapture, or already known artists like Daft Punk, Isolee. So could you recommend me some lesser known
» Esquire:Feature Story:The "Snakes on a Plane" Problem
The tragedy of the best titled movie in the history of film
» Friedbergered
We pulled Mattie off his tour this summer to talk about Kipling, being drunk in high school, Scrabble and science projects.
» Internet Is Seizing the Spotlight in the Live-Music Business
Clubs and concert promoters feed fans’ appetite for Webcasts, and get an electronic publicity boost in the process.
» FLUXBLOG: Hush Hush and Rock
There's no doubt in my mind that this was one of the four or five best concerts that I've ever attended.
» Be Your Own Pet - Be Your Own Pet - Review - Stylus Magazine
Thurston Moore's fair-haired set of high school grads tear through their bloodthirsty debut...


putty said...

lots of link goodness here. danke.

Matt said...

Happy Birthday, Peter!

Malatron said...

Nice post. Very well done. And I would like to add this link to a bunch of SK music I posted recently.

frrrnando! said...

since im not a member of that message board regarding the top 25 dance tracks of the '00s, ill through my two cents here- ps: i didnt skim all the way through:

- if kylie's counted in the mix: come into my world (fischerspooner remix)
- rex the dog remix of the knife, or the trentmoller remix of "we share our mother's health" maybe?
- definetly some MIA and 'Mad Dog's' "Hung Up"
- cant' forget Alex Smoke
- Vitalic's 'Poney Part 1'?
- perhaps Popular Computer somewhere in there, albeit it's not dance-dancey
- throw in some Michael Mayer or Superpticher
- maybe erlend Øye
- i had another good one, but i forgot it...

i could go on....