Peek-a-boo: Sexy!

The new My Chemical Romance album is pretty good. It's sort of like Queen. But it makes the one before it look really, really good. Wait, that's not what I was going to talk about. I was going to talk about the Justin Timberlake album.

The new Justin Timberlake album is AWESOME. Actually it's mostly awesome. The first 75% is really awesome. The last quarter, including the song about drugs losing my way blah blah is really not so good. It has a superfluous choir, and guy half-rapping who sounds like he was supposed to be in the choir but got a separate mic. But the first part is awesome, like the 21st century Surfer Rosa.

I mean it's not really like a Pixies record, but it is in that it has a sort of tossed-off genius vibe. Like they just came up with these songs on the fly, and they're really good songs, and it sounds effortless. And they put all these weird things in there that shouldn't work but they do (like what the hell is that creepy laugh on "My Love"? Totally Pixies man).

For those who think the title is stupid, you probably haven't heard the album. It literally sounds like futuresex/lovesounds. They did a good job naming it.

Also it sounds like the DFA. Especially "My Love" which reminds me a lot of the DFA remix of Hot Chip's "Colours". I guess Timbaland has been listening to the DFA. And now we're waiting on the DFA remix of "My Love" which makes this more confusing. To clear things up I actually sat down with some of the guys to discuss it. Transcript follows (in the style of riff):

SOVIETPANDA: Hey guys. Hey Justin how are you doing?

JT: I'm sexy. I'm bringing sexyback. Maybe you heard

SP: yes actually I did hear. What do you mean by that?

JT: Stuff like used to be sexy and it's not sexy anymore so it needs to be sexy again, like yes there's drugs but we also need the sexy you know?

SP: Yes I know. The DFA, what are your thoughts on sexy and it coming back?

DFA: I think sexy is all about confidence.

SP: So do I a lot of people have been saying that

DFA: no it's definitely true, like sovietpanda isn't sexy because you're not confident. that's not how to bring sexyback you need cowbell and live drums.

JT: i agree with the DFA, sexy needs to come back right NOW.

SP: Ok so Justin do you think you took cues from the DFA on this last record?

JT: Well what me and Timbo did really was listen to a lot of sex. Like actual sex but also what we liked to call sexsongs. That's all one word. We would put on an mp3 and I'd go "this isn't sexy" and he'd change it or I would say "this is sexy this is mos def a sexsong you know" and then we would use that for our next song

SP: What DFA songs are sexsongs?

JT: OH man there's that one super sexy track with that chick in it you know?

SP: No

JT: Whatever man, it's ok, not everyone can see sexy when it's there, that's why I'm bringing it back, it's a skill

SP: Ok. The DFA what direction did you take with your remix for "My Love"

DFA: Well actually--

SP: Like if Timbaland took cues from the DFA, then would the DFA take cues from Timbaland? Or if you did that wouldn't you really be taking cues from yourself?

DFA: ...

SP: Did you use like funny high voices and Indian music samples and a guy beatboxing?

DFA: No.

SP: Why not don't you like TImbaland?

DFA: ... Our remix has a lot of synths in it. And some drumming too and we recorded some live drums for it.

SP: Do you think it brings sexy back?

DFA: I think sexy was already there the whole time, but we still like that Justin is brining it back

JT: Yeah see sexy is a state of mind and I want to bring that back

SP: I know you already said that

JT: Ok whatever sexy

SP: ...

JT: It's back dawg.


Matt said...

So wait, like, what?

Sexy is back?

Hazel said...

my god how long after 10/20/06 did you lose your hearing?