I am going to at least try and respond to my interview with City Pages intern Mary O'Regan that ran last week.

The editors at City Pages, it seems, sent the writer in with malicious intent. As a result, the article is incredibly skewed and takes pretty much everything I said out of context. Basically, I'd say it's a bad piece of writing and should just be ignored.

The piece is obviously slanted to make me look like an ass. Granted, I'm an ass, but not in the way the story makes me out to be. I don't know if the City Pages were just trying to make the article more interesting, or if the article's a jab at publication rival (and TML sponsor) vita.mn, or if they have something against First Avenue, or what. Whatever it is, the article gives an incredibly warped picture of myself and my views, and has really left me baffled.

I could go through the article and contextualize every detail, but I shouldn't have to do that, and I won't. Instead, I will make these things clear: I like living in Minneapolis, and wouldn't trade my experience here for anything else. I love doing Too Much Love and I love working at First Avenue. I love all of my friends here. I am honored to have worked with and met the people that I have through Too Much Love. I like getting requests, I listen to Prince, I don't like P.O.S.'s music, and I do like My Chemical Romance.

There. Happy? The bottom line is that Too Much Love is just that - a labor of love. It's been a blast for everyone involved, and if you have any questions, just come down one Saturday. If you like music, drinking, and dancing, you will probably have a good time.


Anonymous said...

you are my hero petey.

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Anonymous said...

Way to back track, man! I'm just curious how you can claim Chicago is your old stomping grounds when you're only 21 now, and you didn't even live in Chicago. Actually you know what, please do go into detail, I'd love to hear you defend yourself.

P.S. Daft Punk and My Chemical Romance is not a weird taste in music. Grow the fuck up.

peter said...

Dear anonymous from MNVibe -

Thanks. I've already seen the thread.

I told the reporter that I lived in the suburbs and that my experience in Chicago was limited but influential. Somehow, she translated that into making Chicago my "old stomping grounds."

Did you actually read my post? See the part where I say the article "takes pretty much everything I said out of context"? That's the kind of thing I'm talking about.

Anonymous said...

That's the way it works I'm sorry to say. If I had a dime for every time City Pages or Pulse wrote articles or A-lists about my group or our music that were supposedly supportive but had a head-scratchingly underhanded diss....I would have at least a beer at the CC by now. Seriously, don't let it get to you.