I'm pretty put off by the Pitchfork review of Spank Rock's Fabric mix. First, I guess someone finally did a little research over there and figured out that Spank Rock was more than one person, so it seems that every time they get mentioned, the word "collective" is used ad nauseam. Gross.

Anyways, the review seems to find fault with the mix for being too party-centric, too full of hits, too obvious, but really just misses the point. Yes, the mix is jammed with tons of recognizable tracks, but what's impressive is that the tracklist is never overbearing, even when it's filled with well-known stuff. The mixing skills are impressive, and the reason the mix keeps you moving is that it's so damn good.

The best example of this is when the review picks out "Technologic" as "over-familiar." It completely overlooks the fact that the transition into club-banger "A Bit Patchy" by Switch is perfect, and you won't hear skills like that in most any other club. The DJ cuts a bit of the robot-voice sample and spits it out into the same syncopated rhythm that drives the Switch track, making for a great transition that is equally good for the mind and the body.

Also, the guest spots are awesome. I am really digging Amanda Blank right now, and her rapping over Oizo/Justice is pretty genius. Her and XXXChange have a very hot new-ish single, "Get It Now," which is available for DRM-free download at XXX's very hot new website.

Boy howdy that Pitchfork shit really gets my goat.


travis said...

well obviously if it isn't some obscure track that nobody has heard then it's not good... at least that is pitchfork logic. i haven't heard the fabriclive mix but if xxxchange was involved then there is no doubt it is pure genious.

thanks for pointing out the "get it now" tracks... amanda blank is gonna blow up bigger than spank rock. best. mc. ever.

Another Travis said...

Yo man, you blog?

I love that mix. and yeah, the familiarity is kind of the point of it. Even in the beginning of the mix when they are joking about "finally having all the tracks they always play (at Fabric)" and laughing about what sound effects to throw in casually..its some fun, tight mixing. Too bad they didnt have Pasey Pase on there too. I really dig that "Sexy MF (Eli Remix)" track Amanduh and him do.

I think Pitchfork should fuck off quickly or simply get off their asses and try partying a bit.u

j. bricks said...

the worst bit was the "i'm too cool for rick ross" posturing

if you're too cool for rick ross you don't know how to party

the best part of the mix is the metro area/love on a real train bliss-out interlude

crazy balling