Earlier this week I posted video from an Ed Banger party in Melbourne where SebastiAn and Kavinsky play a remix of Rage Against the Machine's "Killing in the Name Of." According to the comments section, "It's a remix that SebastiAn apparently made in an hour or so on his laptop while in the hotel room." It's typical Ed Banger fare: the bass growls, the vocals distort, the whole thing buzzes and grinds almost to a halt only to build back up again and explode in noise.

I also noticed another, slightly more ominous comment, saying, "the only version of this track a dj should touch / better yet i hope its never released." This mildly foreboding comment made me think back to a story I heard last week from my dude Ned Hepburn aka the Nightfox. In his words:
i dj'd this house party last night and i started at about midnight. then i played 'Killing In The Name Of' to finish my set and the whole fucking room went apeshit. like TOTALLY FUCKING APESHIT. like smashing glasses and shit... a lot of friends of mine got beat the shit out of and the cops came and people got arrested n shit. everything. i was across the street at a friends by the time the cops came but fuuuuuck ive never seen such a fucking act like that.
So now I'm starting to think, what if this remix was released? I've gotten a number of comments already both on and offline. The kids in that video are going crazy. And now this tale of wanton outbreaks of destruction. What if hundreds of Ableton DJs across the world started ending all their sets with this? It'll most likely just plunge us further into the ongoing 90's revival. But could it go deeper? Could it be cheesy enough to be the end of this new electro, Ed Banger scene? Maybe the end of dance music as we know it, causing clubs and soundsystems to be banned for fear of this song and its results? It could be a siren to thousands of bro's and hipster wannabe 'eadbangin' bro's, alerting them to erupt in violence and riot around the globe. It could be the apocalypse as we know it, plunging us forever into eternal darkness and/or Mad Max-like scenarios. WATERWORLD!

And now I'm thinking that both the Ed Banger crew and the reunited RATM are playing at Coachella this weekend. Watch your back, desert motherfuckers.

Anyways, Ned has a new mix up for download, the title of which translates roughly to "fuck-pad." Get it in honor of his leaving Chicago and the dreadful Midwest once and for all. Chicago people check out the going away party on May 2nd.


Anonymous said...

I was there ... it's funny , kooks like dis nightcat or whatever, playin some b-more finalcountdown rmx , then tryin to bring "we are your friends" after everyone and there leather jacket wearin pals played 2years ago, frontin on the ed banger crew (Justice) droppin RAGE ... yeah it was packed with drunkin 21yrold hippsters , but no fights I saw and I stood next to the other dj while he busted into the Guns&Bombs rmx of Chromeo .. hmmmmm sucky house ? whateves !! poser ...

peter said...

Ned, I'm pretty sure you just got burned.

Anonymous said...

Hey I know both of those kiddz that spun that party , Ned and MIKIE , I think Matt too, they all play mostly the same shit , although the familiar "b-more" style mash up tracks get the most feedback , I could care less for it esp. some Eurythmics shit played next to Justice, meh ! Even us Ohio kidz dis that , out !

Lindsay Lohan said...

oh, internet. another fine mess you've gotten us into.

el nightfox-o. said...

this reaction is hilarious.

yes. i be "fronting" on the Ed Banger Crew. for i am the Ja Rule to their Tupac.

i thought dance music was about dancing, anyway? oh well.