I like Arctic Monkeys. They have always surprised me by how they're hyped but actually, like, really good, and stuff. I'm just starting to get into the new album, which gets a really sharp, crunchy sound from James Ford's production. And I'm psyched to finally see them live with be your own PET this Monday at First Ave.

Because of all that, we're giving away a "Brianstorm" 12" single. "Brianstorm" kicks ass and is on my top 25 singles list for the year so far. Just send an email to sovietpanda[at]gmail.com, with the word brianstorm in the subject line and your name, before this Monday at noon, and the winner will be chosen at random and get some vinyl to chew on. Tracklisting for the single:
1. If you found this it's probably too late
2. Brianstorm
3. Temptation greets you like your naughty friend
4. What if you were right the first time?
Bonus points* if you come up with a clever poem using the clever song titles.

(* Bonus points not actually worth anything.)

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