I have about a thousand things to say here, and it's been waaaay too long since my last post. But in the meantime, here's yr new Wednesday night jump off in Minneapolis, ferreal ferreal. I expect to be down here pretty much every week I'm in town (not this week). It's Mike 2600 so you know it's gold. Click on the flier to enlarge:


bigstereo said...

burning up is the only madonna song that i can still listen to without making my stomach turn. AND it is the most underrated song of her entire career.

Nyteowl said...

since you don't blog anymore...

Crystal Castles @ First Ave. > Justice @ Foundation

respect to CC but respect don't pay the billzzzzz.

justice @ First ave. would have been f@cking gnarly...much blood has been spilled there.


Patrick said...

when I saw CC in Montreal they didn not deserve respect.