First off, tonight is the second edition of Honeymoon with the Moon Goons. I think I'm sworn to secrecy of some kind, but I think I can tell you that I will be DJing at some point.

I'm super psyched for this Saturday, and y'all should be too. My man Bald Eagle is coming down from Chicago to rock Too Much Love, and nothing - not even Prince - will stop him. Life During Wartime was an inspiration for TML, and I had a blast playing it in July, so he'll be returning the favor.

As a preview, check out his widely blogged mix, The Wonderful World of Bald Eagle & Friends - Live in the Fuck Hut #1 [download from zShare]. Click below for cover and tracklist.

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Anonymous said...

David at Renegade here! This show looks sweet . . . and speaking of Too Much Love, Tune In, Turn On and Make Out at LuxuriaMusic.com . . . Some things in life just defy explanation . . . head over to LuxuriaMusic.com and see what I mean!