24:hours has a new mix up from Gucci Soundsystem, celebrating their forthcoming release on the new Death From Abroad imprint from DFA. Sounds good to me. Tracklist:

1. Get Up - ?
2. That thing - That thing
3. Mammagamma (druzzis edit) -Alan Parsons Project
4. Movin In (Brennan Green remix) - Jamie Lloyd
5. Luchy in Vichy - GB's
6. Acarpenter (Joakim Remix) - Gucci Soundsystem
7. I like to move - L B Bad
8. Naked (DJ Koze remix) - Sid La Rock
9. Falling Stars - Smith N Hack
10. False Energy - Binary Chaffinch
11. White Holes - Skinny Joey edit
12. Time to get away (Gucci SS Remix) - LCD Soundsystem
13. Driving this road (Joakim remix) - Zombie Zombie

I haven't heard any of the Death From Abroad stuff yet, which means I'm going to have to order the records. And that'd be cool if I wasn't, you know, broke.

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