• The Year In: Techno
    A bit belatedly we take a look at the best tracks and moments from 2007, including works from Noze [above], Ricardo Villalobos, and Radio Slave.

  • Pitchfork Feature: NO!: The Origins of No Wave
    In the late 1970s, a loose collective of New York bands created a radical reaction to New Wave and Punk that came to be known as No Wave. Led by Mars, DNA, Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, Sonic Youth [above], and the Contortions, No Wave tossed dynamite into...

  • VAMPIRE WEEKEND: Fact Magazine
    Thanks to McCartney-esque pop miniature (and recent single) 'Mansard Roof', together with a clutch of cheekily titled tracks like 'Oxford Comma', 'Upper West Side Soweto' and 'Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa' that've been blaring sonorously from their myspace page

  • YouWorkForThem | Profile Magazine: Aesthetic Apparatus
    Often considered Minneapolis' best totally unknown design super team, Aesthetic Apparatus was founded around 1999 in Madison, Wisconsin by Dan Ibarra and Michael Byzewski as a fun side project from their 'real' jobs. Over the years their limited edition...

  • Adega Rock: Black Sabbath - Discografia
    download all Black Sabbath

  • Pitchfork Feature: Interview: Atlas Sound
    Just before the release of his Atlas Sound debut, we talk to the loved-or-hated Bradford Cox about the future of Deerhunter, how meeting electronic music pioneer Pauline Oliveros influenced his new record, about lovesickness and Loveless...

  • RA: RA.086 Juan Maclean Podcast
    On the podcast this week: DFA disco kid Juan Maclean.

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brooksi said...

"download all black sabbath" is such a beautiful phrase

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"download all black sabbath"

atlas sound guy sucks btw ftw