I am a huge fan of Queens of the Stone Age, if you didn't already know from reading the site. Like a lot of people, their third LP, 2002's Songs for the Deaf, was when I really started to pay attention to the band. However, I always sort of hated the radio "theme" that ran through the album, in the form of a number of interludes and between-song banter from fake radio DJs. I often wondered what the album would sound like without the radio stuff, and recently I realized it wouldn't be hard to just take it out using Live. So that's what I did.

Here are the edited versions of the 8 tracks that contained radio "banter". I edited it out, cutting out the DJs and using a little bit of reverb on the end of tracks that got cut off by radio static. I also tried to make sure that song lengths, like the drum intro the begins the album, and the extended silence before the "hidden" track at the end, were kept the same.

Songs for the Deaf [No-Radio Version]

To listen to it correctly, unzip the tracks, put the album in an iTunes playlist with these "No-Radio" songs, and delete the duplicates from the original album. Sort by track number.

I haven't listened to it more than once, so I don't know the full effect yet, but my first impression is that it makes the album go down almost a little too easy. But part of me thinks that's just because I'm so used to the radio breaks that I expect to hear them as part of the album. So I don't know how I feel yet. I do know that I almost kept in the Russian sounding lady near the end of the album because that was the only DJ I actually liked... but for consistency's sake, she's gone too. Let me know what you think.

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