The following is an IM converstaion I had with my friend James on January 11:

Peter: New Music: Lil Mama [ft. T-Pain and Chris Brown]: "Shawty Get Loose (Remix)" [Stream]

James: WTF
James: i don't know if i'm ready for this
James: taking a deep breath

Peter: she says "janet jack"

James: jesus, that's t-pain and chris brown harmonizing
James: both with autotune

Peter: lil mama is a good rapper

James: yeah i know

Peter: the autotune is more tolerable with harmonizing

James: when she's old enough to swear on her records she's going to be like the girl lil wayne
James: can you imagine what the video for this is going to be like

Peter: no i was trying
Peter: maybe that WAS the video

James: i just keep imaging the scream video
James: but with t-pain
James: in zero gravity

Peter: awww shit yes


Well, the video just came out. And it's a complete rip-off/homage to the "Scream" video. CALLED IT!!!

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