Things I did not know about the new Primal Scream album:
  • Paul Epworth/Phones is a producer (YES!!!)

  • The Peter in Peter Bjorn & John is a producer (W...T...F...!?!?  Why?)

  • There is a Fleetwood Mac Cover (YES!)

  • Lovefoxxx (CSS) is on it (Really?)

  • Josh Homme is on  it (YES!!!)

  • There is an Andrew Weatherall "Long After The Disco Is Over" remix of a song (OK SOUNDS COOL!)
Primal Scream invariably goes through crappy periods, so I didn't bother to even listen to their last album all the way through... but this one is crazy-sounding.  Primal Scream and QotSA and the Mac and Phones... some of my favorite things ever. I want to hear it.   Loud.   

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