• Liquid Liquid are reformed and getting the remix treatment for a 2x12" with remixes from Optimo, The Loving Hand, Matthew Dear and DJ Sample. And yes, Optimo remixes "Optimo." MIND EXPLOSION! Also, Tim Goldsworthy aka The Loving Hand has been releasing a slew of remixes lately, including tracks for Lykke Li and Prints. It's all extremely solid work (duh) but I hope this Liquid Liquid track really takes it to the next level, like some real head-busting shite.

  • Foals are getting remixed by two of my favs, Ewan Pearson and DiskJokke, as well as Supermayer, who always bring a lot of hype but who I can never really get into.

  • If you didn't read it in the PDF, FADER have posted their recent DFA feature online. [photo above] Must must read, obvs.

  • Speaking of FADER and DFA, you can stream the new Holy Ghost! remix of They Came From The Stars I Saw Them. I dig the TCFTSIST album but I've only given it a cursory listen. It was released by the venerable Thisisnotanexit records. Wow, the nomenclature in this paragraph is killing my brain.
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