I have been busy. And that's why I'm not updating the blog very often right now.

I was in Chicago last week. I got to play some house music with some other really good DJs and it was fun.

This week I'm in New York. I'm DJing this cosmically aligned gig involving about 100 different people I know, and you should come if you can. Okay let's see - there's Solid Gold, Minneapolis natives who I am currently working on a remix for. There's Free Energy, who are ex-Minneapolitans, current DFA-ers, and real fucking sublime. Listen to them, listen to their song "Dream City," it'll make you feel real good, real effing good. Then there's my friend Jen from Modular playing, with whom I share like 100 mutual friends, and the guys from Sup Magazine, including my friend Cameron who likes the Smiths, and the potentially awesome new band Tanlines, and DFA's Justin Miller, one of my current favorite DJs. And me. Come to this fucking show!

I'm also playing at Ruff Club on Friday, at the Annex, I think. And that will be some mind-blowing electro/tech-house shit. So come to that too. Get at me.

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