Russian Roulette

FACT magazine: Ariel Pink: Russion roulette
“In the past, it was taken for granted that there would be a vision for a record. This record is a combination of visions. A game of roulette. If you work often enough, you create vision by default. It’s not exactly a moment in time, because records don’t happen in real time, but it’s a kind of gelling of many things that happened at a certain time. I might be able to say more when I get perspective on it, if we reconvene in a year…

“I realised since my early youth that I had an affinity for [music], that it had an odd effect on me, something akin to learning about memory for the first time, and being able to realise upon reflection , that something that was part of you, like a song, had a resonating effect back then. Something isn’t the same any more. You’ve lost the feeling that it initially gave you, before you even knew you’d enjoyed it. Maybe the first time you hear it, it blows your mind, or maybe it just seeps in. I relish the moment when I hear something that I hadn’t heard before, and I know right then that I’m going to be singing it in the street. You can’t wait for the effect of being introduced to something you’ve never heard before. That sublimeness, it’s at the core of you.”
Ariel Pink's "Round and Round" is easily the best thing I've heard in a long, long time. Download it for free at 4AD.

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