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I went to the Caribou show in the Entry last June, and it was the first time I'd ever wanted to see a band in a bigger room larger than the one they were currently playing.  Thankfully the band played the mainroom last night.  The bigger room and soundsystem really did their show justice; packed with sub-bass and strobes, the effect was welcomingly overwhelming.  Any shortcomings from the Entry show (vocals) mostly disappeared, and their incredibly detailed and specific tonal palette shined. I also have to search my hard drive for that tour CD they put out recently, since I'm pretty sure the best songs were not from the record.  My buddy Ben attempted to photograph the band in-between strobe flashes - check his photos out over at City Pages.


White Light

"The timing of the mix couldn’t have been better, as we were about to take a road trip through the Catskill Mountains of New York. Our idea was pretty simple…string together a set of records that we wanted to listen to during our drive. Starting off slow and dreamy and gently gravitating toward repetition.
We chose not to include a track listing, to mimic the old mix-tape style. Years ago, if you wanted to listen to a particular song from someone’s mix-tape, you had to put in that tape and find it. Today’s disposable music through Youtube or likewise gets instantly and tragically forgotten."


Total Shit

Shit Robot's new album From the Cradle to the Rave is out today on DFA.  I was lucky enough to get a preview of the LP late last year, and I was blown away.  It's full of warm, fuzzy analog synths and vocals from all yr favorites.   Stream the whole thing at XLR8R and check out Shit Robot's new Cake Mix on Soundcloud.

Shit Robot Cake Mix by DFA Records


East Coast

Myself and Jonathan are on the east coast this week.  Monday we hit up Deep Space at Cielo to have our minds blown by Fran├žois K, and last night we played techno, funky and house at the wonderful U Street Music Hall in DC.  Please get in touch if you're around!  Here are a few more get-togethers we're hoping to attend:

R U Tuff Enuff?

Catch Shit Robot on tour in Japan and with LCD in Europe.

Soul Scratch


Hearts of Love



11/20 Minneapolis, MN - Cedar Cultural Center

I think already posted this video... oh well it's worth it.



Leech is speaking my language.

Leech - "Openness" mix 
12345 -henry jacobs
i did it just the same -eurythmics
whobadu -cottam
dig deep -nicholas
chicago -jozif
ludium -elektro guzzi
you got that look in your eyes -mike simonetti
over you -moodyman
took my love -hunee
getting down in my car -the zohar
u talkin but u ain't walkin -lump
nobody else -mark e
tattoo's island -juju & jordash
tomorrow night -session victim
shade [dub] -the realness
make me free -marcello napoletano
nervous disid -the mole
sounds like thunder -bernice reagon