I burned my mix cd. It's on the last song. Lemme just say, it is really fucking good. I mean, like all compilations, it suffers from the fact that it wasn't produced by the same person or as a whole album. But it's really really good.

Speaking of Ryan Adams, looks like no "Is This It" cover album from the Adams man. But he's friends with the Strokes. Shit he lives across the street from them. NYC, once again, here I come.

The White Stripes make the next Eagles Greatest Hits? ...It's all in the details.

Dumb Blondies.

So glad I didn't see them. No one told me they were at the Aragon tho, jeez.

Um, Dave Grohl loves an emo band. Who woulda thunk

Still waiting for the Real World to come on... and I still have to write that damned film paper and article and read

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