I stopped watching the Real World halfway thru the hour long episode. Why:
1. The producers forgot the cardinal rule that all housemates must be attractive
2. The producers forgot their precise demographics: no gays!
3. Now, we all know that people on the Real World have a reputation for being stupid. The people on this show were not only stupid; they were actively stupid. Every single thing said was so completely moronic it stopped being funny [they didn't give the only seemingly intelligent guy any time to talk].
4. The housemates reminded me of going to camp at U of I. Everyone acts like they're in junior high and can only talk about couples being cute and hooking up while they are there.
5. One of the housemates reminds me of an ex-girlfriend. An ex-girlfriend with an attention-craving disorder.
6. Las Vegas gets a lot older a lot faster than scenes from downtown Chicago.
7. If the female half of the cast has to get completely naked in the first episode, you know it's awful.
8. I saw a commercial for a new show on MTV. Set to Interpol's "Untitled." Shoot me.

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