from Nick..
Bush speaks out against gun control. Last time I checked, a sniper just killed 11 people in the last 13 days. Way to go, Captain Dipshit!
Arrie Fleischer [or whatever] is totally right, too. We have to protect peoples' rights to own killing devices. People are gonna kill no matter what, weather they use a small metal object that kills someone in less than a second - perfect for the heat of passion - or they use a large piece of wood and take 20 minutes to bludgeon someone to death. We might as well have Large Piece of Wood Control laws!

And everyone congratulate me. I am officially accepted to DePaul, University of Minnesota, and University of Missouri. I thank ye in advance, and accept your generous contribution to the Send Peter to NYU Fund.

Anybody got any YYYs/Liars stories yet?

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