Burned by the Sun points out that The White Stripes' performance of "Seven Nation Army" and "Death Letter" from the Grammys is available for download here, as well as three - count em', three - Peel sessions of the Stripes. The Grammy performance is fantastic. Jack White screws up the guitar line on "7NA" but quickly recovers, and adds some new bits to the solo part on "Death Letter", which was already one of my favorite Stripes songs (even if it's a cover). It makes for a very intense performance, even on TV, which speaks volumes about the Stripes' live show (despite a crappy show last summer at the Aragon).

The Strokes' next single, "Reptilia", is out soon. The cover appears to have a reptile on it. C'mon guys. You can do better than that.
The single is of note because the b-side is the official release of the song "Modern Girls & Old Fashioned Men" featuring Regina Spektor. I can't wait to get a hi-fi copy of the track, it's great. Insound has the 7" here, and Amazon has the import CD for surprisingly cheap here.

This is kind of weird, because I don't speak Portuguese. But this cool blog Hang the DJ has posted some great playlists the last couple of days, all with accompanying downloads. Definitely worth checking out. I guess rocknroll really is the universal language. (Thanks for the linkage.)

I guess lately I've been talking up the same few releases, but that's because these records are fantastic records from really talented bands with important, original statements to make. With that said, I'm still listening to the Walkmen's new album. It's wonderful.Bows and Arrows

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