Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is apparently on tour with The Rapture. I had no idea until today. They're playing the super crappy Quest, but I'll be there anyway.

Mediaeater has pics up from the much talked about Franz Ferdinand show at the Bowery last week.

This is a much blogged link, but worth it: Liars fan feels cheated after last nights "secret" show with YYYs and TVOTR. I was starting to feel concerned about what my seeing them in Chicago in a few weeks will be like, but no worries. Garagedream says it was "the most amazing show ever." And YYYs debuted new songs; can't wait for bootlegs/that record...

News on new recordings from:
  • The Who - two new tracks on a best of compilation
  • Hot Hot Heat - seven new songs so far for their upcoming LP
  • The Libertines - Says Carl Barat: "Is it similar to the last album? I dunno, I can’t remember the last album.""

The first leg of the The Pixies tour sells out almost immediately. Kim Deal comments on playing old songs:
    "I experienced what I call 'muscle memory'," explained bassist Kim Deal. "We'd be playing a song and I didn't even have to think about what note came next - my fingers remembered what to play."

If I was a chick, I'd be all up in this t-shirt. Link from Steph

I'm not sure if anyone else reported this, but the French Kicks have news about their new album, The Trial of the Century, up on their site. They have the tracklisting up, as well as a hi-larious journal update.

Ambulance Ltd. has a new website up. Their debut LP [name, anyone?] is out on March 23, and you can stream sound clips from the entire thing on the site.

Listening: 3,836 songs on shuffle ("Sister Ray" by the VU)


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