Another reminder-

WED AUG 11 2004 7:30 PM
Be there or be very, very, painfully square.

No seriously, if you come up to me at the show and tell me you heard about it from the Panda, I will make you a mix CD or some shit. Not that they're desperate, but that I'm interested.

Recommended reading - Pitchfork Fiery Furnaces Interview

Les Savy Fav on tour, skips Minneapolis

Live Liars mp3s from Hang the DJ

A nice set of Walkmen photos

I've heard of "Metal School", but DJ school?

The Pixies in NY Times, talk of a new album? I wonder how that would turn out.

Ryan McGinley takes photos of olympic swimmers (subjects still half-naked, not as hip)

NY Times on M83, The Fall; Ashlee Simpson

No one told me that the Times covers music videos. C'mon.
Janet Jackson's weird-ass vid, Fefe Dobson does new wave, Michel Gondry's video for "That Donnie Darko Song"

Pre-order Clinic's Winchester Cathedral for a free 7"

I guess I haven't mentioned here yet that the Faint's new album, Wet from Birth, is emeffing tops.

New Dizzee Rascal and Futureheads for download at FluxBlog
Also at FluxBlog: S-Prcss, Captain Beefheart

Very interesting stuff from Coolfer: record label Warner Bros. makes use of an mp3 blog

Noteable Pitchfork single reviews:
New Ted Leo [which has leaked, anybody heard it yet?]
My [only] favorite Ponys' song
Beta Band
Les Savy Fav "The Sweat Decscends" - I have to say, this is by far one of the best reviews I've read on Pitchfork in a long time
Also on the Fork - Keane sucks

Miss Modernage says "poopy" - TWICE!

Polyphonic Spree drummer on FBI's 10 Most Wanted list - for 3 minutes [NME, Pitchfork]

Pete Libertines is finally showing up to UK gigs. Ooh by the way - who saw Carl at Siren Fest? Or more, importantly, who saw his performance at FADER?

The FERD debut new material

50 Cent on the Simpsons. Why the eff am I reporting this?

Minneapolis-ish news: Paul Westerburg writing for film

Strokes live album in the works

Listening: Go to Death from Above 1979's site, make sure you let the pop-up open, say you're from the UK, and download the track "Going Steady" in WMA. Definitely worth the trouble.

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Anonymous said...

I was at Carl's solo set at Fader... it was heavenly, just heavenly.

Every lunch break should be so wonderful.

Love, Emily