Is it just me, or has 2004 been an especially good year for rock music? Death From Above 1979's forthcoming album, You're A Woman, I'm A Machine has leaked to P2P programs (read: soulseek). It's been ripped at a lo-fi 56 kbps, but it is definitely in my top 10 of the year. You can already pre-order it from Insound.

The Killers are scary. Seriously, who told that guy he could wear that shirt? And who did Brandon Flowers' make-up? To be fair, this is my current desktop background. (via mediaeater)
Coolfer's tips for P2P users.

New Kings of Convenience track on FluxBlog.

I never play online games, but for some reason yesterday I was playing this pretty addictive game. Then Zack, out of the blue, sent me the same game today. WITH PANDAS. Play now.

Stream the new self-titled Libertines album here (must have pop-ups enabled). Pitchfork on "Can't Stand Me Now".

God, Pitchfork just makes no fucking sense, ever. e.g.: this coked-up review of "Desperate Guys" from the forthcoming Faint album, Wet From Birth.

Bob Dylan and Jesus and Mary Chain tracks at Said the Gramophone.

20 quality mp3s sought out by The Big Ticket.

Clinic's Winchester Cathedral was released yesterday. I have yet to hear it.

Shortlist Music Prize nominees have been named. Included are TV on the Radio, Blonde Redhead, the Secret Machines, The Killers, PJ Harvey, Franz Ferdinand, The Fiery Furnaces, and... Ryan Adams? Huh?


Anonymous said...

peter, just wanted to tell you that the new clinic isn't anything special. i'm majorly disappointed. get their older albums (but maybe you have them already)...the new libertines- now that is a good one! really surprised me. not as immediate as their debut, but this is some good shit. so drop some cash on the new libs and forget the clinic album.

Anonymous said...

that was me, sorry. forgot.


peter said...

thanks Mishie. I have their two previous LPs. And the Libs is in the mail, hopefully. thanks for the tips!

Anonymous said...

oh, and don't get rid of your original "grace" cd, i would keep it just as a souvenir...i'm keeping mine even though i'm getting the re-issue.


Anonymous said...

Hey Peter I know this is just a tad off the topic... but here it goes, I got the new Whirlwind Heat cd and it just really sucks. It's the worst cd i have ever bought in my life and i've bought quite a bit of cd's. Rolling Stone gave the band two stars for their new ep and i would have a hard time giving it one star even though that's the minnimum.

peter said...

yeah man, sorry. i probably shouldn't link them anymore. i still like their t-shirts and the song "purple".

and peoples. ya gots ta sign yours names.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Peter I would sign in with a name but there is some sort of a flaw in the system and it wont let me start an account so I've been posting annomously until the thing gets fixed or whatever it is. I totally agree with you on the song "purple" but everything else they have is nearly pure crap on the new album. They most likely went broke on their first album because i heard it only scanned like 1,500 in the uk and less than 1,000 here in the states.