Good to hear that Panda favs Thunderbirds Are Now! are in the studio working on their next LP of go-get-em indie-punk (?) with one John Schmersal. One of the demos is up at their MySpace, where they're also blogging about the whole experience. The record will once again be put out (no pun intended) on French Kiss.

A couple of months ago I caught the band on a short tour in some venue that I'd never heard of in Chicago. I wasn't expecting it to be very crowded, and neither was the band, so when the place was filled about to capacity they were both surprised and very pleased. The show was a furiously fun whirlwind of rawk. It felt like the set, from beginning to end, was all one big encore. Any shortcomings in their performance were more than made up for by sheer enthusiasm. See em if you can; good dudes with great music.

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Can't wait to hear it.