be your own PET on Conan was absolutely killer. This should make a thousand kids go out and start bands, while a thousand music critics realize that they meant to say all those nice things about Jemina Pearl and not Karen O.

Nick Sylvester reviews new/live !!! (by way of Exploding Hearts).

Fader posts a new Lady Sov track entitled "Gatheration".

Also, the latest Fader is available in its entirety online. Notable for features on Ed Banger and Stephen McBean. More Fader goodness includes stuff on Flosstradamus/Walter Meego, Carl Craig, and Hot Chip.

Okay, and a lot more Hot Chip here, too.

has been on a roll lately, which inludes a bit on the new-ish WhoMadeWho Green Versions. Go Gomma.

The RENT drinking game is funny.

Lastly, the new Erase Errata record, Nightmoves, has leaked. It has some people saying "record of the year". I am more than psyched to seem them for a third time at Intonation, in their third incarnation, no less. First there were four girls, then three girls and a guy singer (which was as strange as it sounds), and now just three girls. No worries though, as two of those girls have always been one of the best rhythm sections around, and the other one is the lead singer type lady.


mam said...

NBC got upset...pulled the video...can you direct one to see it elsewhere?

peter said...

here's a new link for the video