Leftover links for the week. Of note is Stephen Thomas Erlewine's surprisingly accurate column hating on Sufjan Stevens, and the fact that Out Hud broke up (more on that later).

» Reading Is Fundemental
Last night in NYC, Wired EIC Chris Anderson threw a little thing with his magazine crew and the Flavorpill folks at the Tribeca Cinema to celebrate the release of his niche culture economics theory hardback, The Long Tail.
» Music Deal Is Rejected in Europe
Following a rare court decision, Sony and Bertelsmann must submit to a new review of the music venture, Sony-BMG Music Entertainment.

» At Jones Beach, Kelly Clarkson Demonstrates the Upside of Guilelessness
Along with her hits, Ms. Clarkson performed a risky, but mainly successful, run of acoustic songs on Thursday.
» Pitchfork: Teddybears: "Yours to Keep [ft. Neneh Cherry and Annie]" [Track Review]
From ABBA to Ace of Base to Robyn, when it comes to the poppinest pop, Sweden uber alles.
» Pitchfork: MP3: Comets on Fire: "Dogwood Rust"
Comets on Fire are back with Avatar, their follow up to 2004's Blue Cathedral. The album will be released August 8 on Sub Pop.
» Pitchfork: Jessica Simpson: "A Public Affair" [Track Review]
This review of her new single makes little to no sense...
» Top Ten Songs Tragically Snubbed by Guitar Hero
The best songs left off the popular video game...
» Muse - Black Holes and Revelations - Review - Stylus Magazine
Though failing to dance, Muse still moves forward...
» New York - Les Savy Fav Pool Party
Concerts are okay, I guess. But at Les Savy Fav's performance at the McCarren Park JellyNYC Pool Party this Sunday, there was dodgeball, a slip 'n' slide, and a pasty fat man lead singer who really has no business showing off any skin below his neck...
» The Return of Justin Timberlake: He's a Pretty Face, and Proud of It
Back on the scene with a new single, Mr. Timberlake releases "SexyBack," a bold, unexpected twist on the thug-love duet.
» Out Hud Break Up
Looks like it was indeed one life to leave for electro-punks Out Hud, who have called it quits.
» Pitchfork: Morgan Geist: "Most of All [ft. Jeremy Greenspan]" [Track Review]
Synthesizers don't come much brighter than on Morgan Geist's new single...
» Peaches: Impeach My Bush: Pitchfork Record Review
Genitals, body hair, political subversion, and referring to oneself in the self-aggrandizing third person from the Canadian electro-pop postergirl.
» TV on the Radio - Return to Cookie Mountain - Review - Stylus Magazine
Brooklyn passion fruits scale dumb-sounding fictional heights to the best record of their career...
» Boy, 12, dies after riding Disney World roller coaster
A look at the documented deaths at Disney's two theme parks in Florida and California since 1989
» Lily Allen Tops The Chart And Beats The Booze
You'd be hard pressed to label Lily Allen a typical 21-year-old. And that's not just because her first single, "Smile," topped the British singles sales chart this week.
» White Light Riot - There's a Riot Goin' On
Young Minnesotans take after the bloody Brits
» Oneida: Time Out of Joint
Brooklyn's finest psych trio wishes you a Merry Christmas in July
» The Whole Note: A Case Against Sufjan Stevens
This week's release of The Avalanche only offers further proof that Sufjan Stevens has been wildly overpraised for music that has deliberately limited appeal. By Stephen Thomas Erlewine
» Boredoms at Webster Hall
Violent drum circle antics enrapture the bobbleheads
» Kavinsky - Teddy Boy EP - Review - Stylus Magazine
More Dario Argento than Billy Ocean, Kavinsky's Teddy Boy EP suggests something like, "get outta my car and into my zombie dreams." Following a fatal car accident in 1986, he has returned from twenty years in the land of the dead to perform...
» Pitchfork: MP3: Editors: "You Are Fading"
To crank up the excitement a notch, we've gotten a hold of the rare Editors track "You Are Fading", which was previously released as a B-side on the limited edition The Back Room bonus disc, Cuttings.
» Pitchfork: Hot Chip: "And I Was a Boy From School (Erol Alkan's Extended Re-Work)" [Track Review]
Brit mixmaster Erol Alkan's been working toward this sort of transcendence for some time...
» Pitchfork: MP3: Lady Sovereign "Love Me or Hate Me"
Here's the latest from Lady Sovereign, "Love Me or Hate Me", the first single from her forthcoming debut album, Public Warning.
» Pitchfork Feature: Live: Wolfmother
Heshers, frat dudes, and indie kids find common ground in Wolfmother's pre-metal blues-rock.

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