» The Horrors - "Sheena Is a Parasite"
Chris Cunningham returns to directing music videos after seven years with this clip for Vice's new favorite band (besides Klaxons), the Horrors. I feel like I should hate this but I don't. A band with an obvious Misfits/Ramones hard-on that sounds like they really like the Sonics plays under-two-minutes garage punk, but it's not that bad. The video itself is great, with a simple, effective concept and some freaky deaky visuals. Plus I think most videos should have the band performing and not some lame storyline.
» Phoenix - "Long Distance Call"
Slightly off-kilter, Roman Coppola directed clip for the French neo-new-wavers. Again, I like performance videos. This one works because it doesn't do that thing where the band starts out playing along in the video, then stops playing their instruments and goes on like an adventure or some shit while the song keeps going. Here, when the band stops, the song stops. That makes sense. I can't figure out the storyline though. Something about an old creepy dude and Phoenix's keyboard player? You crazy Coppolas.
» Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Cheated Hearts"
A while ago, the band sent out a call for people to send in their home videos of their best YYYs impersonations. That self-congratulatory announcement made me throw up a little in my mouth, but the end result isn't that bad. At first I really hated the final recording of this song, but I had a dream last week where this was the song on my MySpace profile, and now I kind of like it.


Putty said...

you know myspace has gotten out of control when it invades your dreams. i had one once too. frightening.
p.s. the YYY video was pretty good, not too self-aggrandizing.

Hazel said...

The vids have been deleated...Fuck you youtube...