Last week a strange thing happened. I received a bunch of CDs in the mail... CDs that I actually won't just throw away. In celebration, I've decided to write some notes about them.

Tiga's Sexor came out a while ago, so I guess it's finally getting a US release - which is good. I enjoy it best in small doses, one song at a time.

"You Gonna Want Me" has Jake Shears of the Scissor Sisters on vocals and has become a staple in my DJ sets. I've had people ask me what it was afterwards, so it must be good. The cover of "Burning Down The House" works well enough, but because of my recent infatuation with Speaking in Tongues, I wish Tiga had stuck more of the original's hooks in his version. Lately I've been into "(Far From) Home", a single with a pretty corny message but an inescapable strut. The kind of song to put on your headphones and just walk down the street like you own the place.

I don't know what the deal is with me and DJ Shadow. In high school I was infatuated with ...Endtroducing, but I don't think I've listened to anything he's done since. I just don't seem to care. This album, The Outsider, features a bunch of guest spots from rappers, which does not make me any more likely to listen to it. Go figure.

I am obsessed with the Nite Versions, and still pretty surprised that it's getting a US release. I really regret not trying harder to see Soulwax play this live, as it has been a source of a lot of musical inspiration for me lately. It's basically a band playing an original DJ set live, and that's something I really want to try and do myself. I've found a bunch of YouTube videos of them in action, but that's for a later post. Also, I've gone back and found Duran Duran's night versions and the Human League's remix album, and those are amazing.

First of all, I do not understand this album cover. How it fits with the music is beyond me.

I am really starting to have a distaste for MSTRKRFT. I don't think they've improved much at all since their first remix of Panthers' "Thank Me With Your Hands". Goddamn that's a good remix. The original just kind of meanders, but the remix makes you realize there's this great song in there just waiting to be dug out. The massive bassline and burning synths drive the vocals to the next level. Everything they've done since then, with the exception of the DFA1979 remixes and a few moments here and there, has pretty much paled in comparison. Oh poop. Although I like the "FREEE-EEE-EE-EH-EH-EHHH-EH-EH" part on the Wolfmother remix.

Pretty randomly I got the Horrors' debut EP from Stolen Transmission. I already had three of the five songs, but was happy to hear more from these guys. At first I thought I wasn't allowed to like them because I don't listen to the Misfits, but then I remembered I like the Cramps so I felt better.

This is gothed out garage punk with some 21st century edges to it. It's good, it's fun, but I also think it's really funny. The guy screams so matter-of-factly about inane things. When they all shout EXCELLENT CHOICE I crack up. I hope these dudes tour the midwest. I will def get my goth on for that shit.

On the one hand, I think remix comps like this are a good idea because most people are way too poor to buy every import single to hear each remix. On the other hand, these albums lately are often marketed as legitimate albums, which is BS. I actually haven't heard all of these I don't think; like I think I have the first two CC (Carl Craig) remixes but not the fourth(?).

Like any other remix comp, this is all pick-and-choose for the best moments. The best tracks are all at the end. My favorite might be Ewan Pearson's "Disco Oddysey" for "Ride A White Horse", but I'm pretty sure this only includes one of two parts. The DFA remix of "Slide In" is great, the FK-EK version of "Ride..." is pretty decent, and I've always liked the self-remix of "Strict Machine". There are quite a few left off of here, but that's probably not a bad thing. It is missing the DFA remix of "Fly Me Away" pretty badly, and I actually really like the extended version of "Ooh La La" more than the original; neither are here.

Man, keeping up with the Supernature remixes is exhausting. There must be 25 different singles, at least.


claudio said...

soulwax are huge live. i've seen the nite versions 3 times and they were always better, and later 2manydjs rock!

His Whoreness said...

hip to be square has a rather good bootleg of their lowlands gig as nite versions