TOO MUCH LOVE went off really well. So well, in fact, that we're going monthly. (It was really fucking fun.) The next party is on Friday, Ocotober 20, at the First Ave VIP room again. You can expect a similar line-up, similar debauched dancing, and similar sexified persons on the floor. Full details to be announced later.


Since I will admit I haven't written much lately, I shall thusly list my favorite moments DJing at the debut TML (playlist hyah):

#1. People going crazy during "Crescendolls". I honestly didn't expect it. But everyone was all "whoooooooo!" with the sample. So much goodness.

#2. Seguing suddenly into "Waters of Nazareth". I had been waiting to do that for a while. Seeing everyone stop for a moment and then start bouncing uncontrollably was all I expected it to be, yet so much more.

#3. The Rapture's "WAYUH". That song is a party. It just is.

#4. Putting "NY Excuse" into "Yeah" and jumping out of the booth to go crazy on the dancefloor.

Ah memories. Until next time.


His Whoreness said...

I'm loving the playlist - any chance you'd work it into a mix we could all download and enjoy?

please say yes

claudio said...

yeah.. i'm loving the playlist too and i would like to download it...