This Friday marks the fruition of a lot of my focus over the past couple months. With the help of First Avenue, we've set up a really fucking awesome DJ night for the Twin Cities. The music will be first rate (doy), there will be drink specials, it's basically free to get in, and a lot of cool, good-looking people will be congregating for a night of dancing and debauchery.

TOO MUCH LOVE debuts this Friday, September 15, at 10 PM in the First Avenue VIP room. There will be DJ sets from SOVIETPANDA (myself), DJ Bach, and the tag-team of Jonathan Ackerman and Scott Butters, and goddamn these gentleman know how to make you shake down.

Admission is free with student ID, or only $3. If you want, get in touch with me and I can hook you up with comp tickets. There will be drink specials all night. It is going to be one fucking killer party.

Check my past DJ sets for an idea of what the music might sound like.

Please repost this and tell your friends. We're trying to make this a regular event, so show up for this first one and help make it a blast.

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His Whoreness said...

dude! where's the update on the how the night went? where's the mix for us all to download and enjoy as much as we did the last two gems you posted for us?

think of your modest yet loyal readers