I never thought I'd be saying this, but I'm going to see Kasabian tonight. They play the Fineline with Mew. What can I say? They're like the Primal Scream I never had. Well, at least as far as 2006 is concerned. (That Primal Scream record sucked.)

The new record Empire is actually quite decent; you just have to get past the band's inability to write a coherent bridge into a song. The video for "Shoot the Runner" is what got me listening to them. It's fuzz bass garage stomp that delves into prmlscrm wailing and gives a huge glammed up riff for the chorus. Check the video at Cliptip.

Reminds me quite a bit of this... wonder if it was the same people.

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Jason said...

Yeah, what the hell was with "Riot City Blues"? I'd imagine that was about the same reaction people had to "Give Out But Don't Give Up". Where's my "XTRMNTR" or "Evil Heat"? (Waaaaaah.)