Ah. Breathe a sigh of relief. The world is a little more complete today, with the release of the DFA Remixes: Chapter Two.

I would say that this compilation is a bit more scattershot than the first. Highlights range from the synth-heavy, slow-building remix of Tiga's "(Far From) Home," to the full on disco blitz of Goldfrapp's "Slide In", to the bright psychedlics of Hot Chip's "Colours".

My personal favorite might be the Junior Senior remix, which seemed to epitomize the basic DFA aesthetic early on with its big-on-bass, big-on-cowbell philosophy. But the track moves past those hallmarks and really drives the original to the next level. By the time the frenzy reaches the chorus, it's out of control. I love playing this track in DJ sets.

DFA has a site up promoting the remix comps, with links to listen and purchase. Also, for Chapter Two there's a remixer app that's a little fun to play around with... just make sure no one else is around or you'll probably piss them off.

There's a new DFA radio mix up for fall, courtesy of one Tim Sweeney. Tracklist looks hot. Dig the Paperclip People track. You can download the older ones from there as well.

Now let's see what the guys pull out for Chapter Three... wishful thinking.

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